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A fantastic set of unusual coincidences:
How to survive a Mall, Restaurant or School Mass Shooter:
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Badge #3
Wrong Place Again
Fall at 65 MPH
Saved From Death
Pushed From Death
Road Rage
Runaway Bus
Active Shooter *
Fire Does Not Burn
Last Baby
Demon in the Cage
Misfire Times Six
Strongman in the Jail
Hate Will Destroy
To Death and Back
Missing Bad Girl
Killer in the Crowd
Dying Baby
Rolling Train Fire
Ordinary Day
Man With a Gun
Child Rescue Part 2
Child Rescue
Barricaded Man
A Gut Feeling
Shots Fired!
Mom Was Shot
Cop Vs Cop
Full Auto Rifle
Drunk Driver
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Not as it Seems
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This was one of the first Active Rifle Shooters in the U.S.A.
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A Room From Hell
Jules "Jay" Staats
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