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Call it a disclaimer:  As you have read some of the miraculous stories in this book do not, for a moment, think that the Author, which is me, is claiming to be anything special.  Far from it!  I have made many mistakes in every one of these incidents of some kind or another.  Things just came out OK after all.  I have no idea why these saving Graces came to me and how I happened to be in the absolutely wrong place at the exactly right time.  Perhaps it was for me to write these chapters to show you that this is all real!





             Being in an absolutely wrong place at the exact right time happens to First Responders all over the globe.  Lives are saved as a result.   Unfortunately as previously stated, the news media does not ever report when this was an immediate response due to Devine Intervention.  Well, talk to any Pastor that has been around for a while, and you will hear more of these stories but they are rightly called miracles.  In a few words, it is real.


             We only notice disaster, death and bad circumstances.  We miss the good in this world and the daily Guidance we receive.  Hopefully, the point has been made that we are not alone in this world.  Yes, you may be under invisible observation at this minute!  Now, before you freak out grab a Bible and check out John 3:16.


             That will be a good start.  Read further and you will find that what I related in this book is proof that it is real.  Then, make a firm decision as to which side you are on?  Your decision on this does matter—forever.


            Many of the persons mentioned in these tales have gone to rest.  However the gallant efforts of these fine Police Officers and members of the Military are recorded forever with our Creator and will not ever be forgotten.  Further, they are with Him.


            Should you re-read these stories, when Grandpa was a cop, remember, that the incidents are not fiction, but this book is relating to real people, living or now passed away, who experienced real incidents.  In some of these tales, there are very strange things that remain, for the most part, extraordinary and incredible—no, miraculous.


            May God bless you and yours.  Please read about our Lord Jesus.  You can live forever with Him.  All you have to do is make the request.


Jules “Jay” A. Staats

Deputy Sheriff Retired

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Copyright 2014 Library of Congress


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