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Tales From the Donut Shop  Copyright 2014, Jules A. Staats; Library of Congress, USA.  All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. This work may be previewed only.




“When Grandpa Was a Cop” describes only a small part of the overall theme of this collection of true stories.  The Title; “Tales From the Donut Shop” has stuck with me for years.


Yes, police work was very different in those days.  However, as the reader investigates this book the main theme will be quite evident if not striking.


The mainstream media tends to show only so-called newsworthy incidents and is therefore drawn to police, fire department and military tragedies.  The many times that terrible things just do not happen because of the intervention of any person—even a civilian, is reported rarely.  When an “invisible” force “Almighty God” prevents a bad incident through direct intervention, this is reported—never.


After all, many have said that God has His limitations.  Really, do you believe that?  Just open any Bible and read Joshua 10:13.  Ponder that how that was accomplished without destroying the Solar System and the Planet Earth.  That is an example of powers we cannot understand and the results of this massive event have been verified by Astronomers and Mathematics.


Protection from tragedy is optional.  Many do not want the help or will never believe that this intervention is available.  To them stuff happens.  Others may call for God’s help in the future, and the Book says that the Creator knows the end from the beginning.  To this person, intervention and protection will be given as appropriate and possibly before eventual full understanding of the real world of God.  Only He knows the hearts of those He protects.  Unfortunately our attempted assessment of people is terribly flawed.


I am providing this book to all who want to read it.  Pass it on to anyone who would read it.  Be warned, that some of these stories will make you very uncomfortable.  (Or not, depending on your point of view)


These stories are presented in the third person.  This book is not about me, but is a tribute to my Maker.  Make no mistake, that I am a completely ordinary flawed person and only with God pushing me was I able to accomplish anything.  Later in life I asked for His help, and found that this was retroactive.  Yes, He knows the end from the beginning, so a request to the Lord can be made any time in life.


For me, some of the stories bring tears to my eyes, as I have seen—through circumstances—that God uses people to help or save others.  Yes, I know without a doubt that our Lord is real. 


You can now view this entire manuscript as an e-book.  The chapters are—for the most part--in order of my life experiences.  It starts when I first became a Deputy, then drafted into the Army as a Military Policeman.  Back to being a Deputy, retiring and working for Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, State of California as a deputy again.  Two years later; our family moved to Syracuse New York and I worked as an alarm salesman.  Incidents and stories of our being in direct contact with a world and beings we cannot see, continued to either unfold or were told to me.


Years later the contact with the Lord’s Grace and Protection did not stop.  Read “Badge #3” in Sun City Arizona.  The actual hand on my shoulder to prevent me from a violent death. 


Knowing that you are really not alone could frighten you.  I am convinced that there is no need for concern, as long as you have chosen Jesus as your friend and savior.  If not and you are still on your own and your experience in Eternity after you die may not go well.  Please note that these chapters may be more than unsettling until you become His friend also.


I have received the thought that this is not my book—I should not be alive to write it—but have been given this opportunity.   I was pronounced dead in California years ago with massive brain trauma and absolutely no cerebral activity, but came back with full faculties and finally retired as a Deputy Sheriff 11 years later.  I have retained all my senses and do not have seizures.  I forgot all the stories.  Somehow, I was able to recall all these incidents in sharp detail, upon the event of my 75th birthday.  How come?



Jules “Jay” Staats


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